Email Marketing Tips: How to Create High-Converting Emails

How to Create High-Converting Emails

Email Marketing Tips: How to Create High-Converting Emails

Email gives you direct access to your customer’s inbox, making it an effective tool for marketing. However, emails, especially those sent to an extensive list, can easily be ignored by recipients who feel bombarded by emails daily. To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you must know how to create high-converting emails that engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Email Marketing Tips: How to Create High-Converting Emails

Know Your Audience.

The best way to write a high-converting email is to consider your reader’s wants and needs.

  • What are they struggling with?
  • What do they need help with?
  • How can you help them solve their problems or meet their needs?

Your audience will likely open your email if they feel you are speaking to them directly with your message.

Use Captivating Subjects Lines and Preview Texts.

Ensure creatives have a captivating subject line to stand out in a crowded inbox. Pay attention to the length of your subject and the words you use. Similarly, remember always to include preview text as it will be the first impression readers get from your email message. Preview texts should be explicit and concise, have any headlines or promotional offers, and have a recognizable call-to-action for readers.

Personalize the Message.

Personalization is key to capturing interest and driving conversions. Include the recipient’s name in the subject line or message body to increase engagement. Personalized subject lines and first lines increase open rates and click-throughs. Get creative, too! Try including details such as their location, purchase history, or other relevant information that indicates you are familiar with them—this will help build trust in your brand and promote more meaningful connections with your customers (this can be done when you segment your list). You can also personalize the first line of your email by including information about your recipient or their interests. Don’t just address the recipient by name; say something personal as well (like “Hey John” instead of “Dear John”). This will make your message seem more friendly and less spammy.

Personalize the Message.

Keep the Message Simple and Concise.

In a 2015 study, adults’ average attention span is estimated to be 8.25 seconds. So it’s no surprise that research shows that short copy outperforms long copy in almost every metric — including open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

To keep readers engaged, keep messages as concise and straightforward as possible.

  • Cut out unnecessary words that add extra length without adding any value.
  • Provide clear information about the product or service in a few sentences
  • Avoid using industry jargon or overly complicated language.
  • Getting to the point should be your primary aim.
  • Ensure readers know what specific action you want them to take.

Keep your copy concise and focused on just one idea at a time; this will help ensure that readers can digest the information quickly before deciding whether they want to buy.

Offer hard-to-resist discounts and exclusive offers.

People love freebies and deals. So you can use your email to engage and nudge your list to buy with big discounts and exclusive offers. To create high-converting emails, use scarcity tactics (Last Chance to Avail of the Promo) or FOMO. Build excitement and encourage those who are still on the fence to buy.

Optimize for Mobile Devices.

Nowadays, most people use their phones to check emails. Optimize the content accordingly to ensure readers have an optimal user experience on mobile devices. Test all emails for design and layout on various devices and ensure images are mobile friendly too. Smaller paragraphs and buttons will also give viewers a better experience as they scroll through their screens quickly.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Address common objections.

If someone is hesitant about buying from you or signing up for a free trial, address those concerns directly in the email so that there are no surprises when they click through to a landing page or sign-up form after reading it. Addressing objections will also build your authority in the niche.

Add images (but don’t go crazy with it).

Images can enhance the email and increase the open rates. Clickable eye-catching images can drive readers to your eCommerce site. But adding too many photos, especially heavy ones, can impact your email’s loading time and performance. 600-800 kb is the ideal space an image should take.

Include a clear Call to Action (CTA).

Once readers are drawn in by your captivating subject line and body content, they need to know what to do next. Including a well-placed call-to-action (CTA) button with strong copywriting effectively encourages readers to take immediate action and achieve your marketing goal. Provide them multiple CTA buttons throughout the message so that no matter where your recipients land, they won’t have trouble taking action.

Don’t forget to test.

You can use A/B testing on your email marketing tool to see which email performs better. Also, before sending to your subscribers, send a test email first to different email addresses and check on several devices to see how your email looks, if the links work, or if it’s the right length.

Want to send emails that get people to take action?

Follow this email marketing guide to craft captivating messages and create high-converting emails for your audience. Or get in touch with GooRooz. We’d be happy to get you started with your email marketing today.

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