How to Reach the Right Audience With Facebook Ads

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How to Reach the Right Audience With Facebook Ads

When was the last time you searched online for a business, only to find out they had no social media presence? We’re willing to bet it has been a while. Businesses both small and large know that the best way to get their service or product in front of as many eyes as possible is to utilize social media marketing. Facebook ads are an excellent way for businesses to engage with their ideal customer.

Sometimes business owners get frustrated when an ad campaign they created isn’t performing well. Usually, it means you aren’t placing your ads in front of the right audience when that happens. We are going to go over how to ensure your marketing dollars are used to their maximum potential and your Facebook ads receive as much traction as possible.

Who Needs to See Your Facebook Ads?

Ask yourself this question, and be specific when you answer it. Chances are you already know who your target audience is, but if you don’t, that is something you need to determine. Think about your audience’s age range, gender, location, interests, and even what language they speak. This information is all critical to running a successful ad campaign.

You’ll also want to establish a customer profile within your targeted demographic. A customer profile contains the habits, behaviors, and interests of your target market. A clear understanding of your target demographic and a solid profile will make creating your ad campaign and getting it in front of the right audience much simpler.

Target Specific Interests

Once you have your general demographics like location, age, and gender, it’s time to dig deeper into what your target audience is interested in. This process requires defining the interests of your perfect customer. You will want to be as specific as possible.

For example, if your target demographic is interested in college football, you wouldn’t run an ad with the targeted interest as sports in general or even college sports. You would want college football to be the targeted interest you utilize for your Facebook marketing campaign. You’ll also want to tailor the ad in that campaign to that particular interest.

Use the Behavior Section

Within the Facebook ads campaign manager, there is a section called Behaviors. This section allows you to reach people who have been searching online to buy something. Facebook has identified your ideal customers who are wanting to purchase and targets your ad directly to them.

This targeting means you have a chance to get them to purchase your product over competitors’ if you show an enticing enough ad or offer a great deal. You can get very specific in the behaviors category, so make sure you are narrowing your focus as much as possible when selecting which shoppers to market to.

Market to a Specific Education Level

When you are aware of the education level of your target demographic, you can customize everything from the language of the campaign to the tone. It is also imperative if your product is suited for someone with a particular education level.

The ability to customize your ad for a certain level of education is found under the Demographics section in your ad manager. From the same location, you’ll also be able to narrow the parameters by graduation year, field of study, and school attended.

Anniversary Targeting

Another valuable tool of Facebook ads is being able to target individuals who have specific life events approaching. Under the Demographics tab, there is an option for life events, choose anniversary, and choose to target individuals with an anniversary in the next month or two months.

If your product is something that makes for an excellent gift or is targeted at couples, you’ll want to make sure you run at least one campaign using this parameter. Anniversaries and romantic holidays are something people will consistently spend their money on, so don’t miss out on your product being seen.

Search by Real Estate Price

Under the same Demographic heading in your ad manager, you will see a tab for homes. From there, you’ll select the home type and home value of your ideal target. This type of targeting is an alternative to targeted campaigns based on income and should be run as a separate campaign.

Not everyone has a traditional income, and stay-at-home parents and retirees may have disposable income to shop with but aren’t going to fall under Facebook’s income targeting setting.

Highlight a Good Cause

If you’re a non-profit or your business supports one, focus on the people who support a similar cause. The majority of Americans expect companies to promote good causes and support things that improve society. This increased consciousness can work in your favor when it comes to advertising.

Under the Behaviors section is where you’ll find the option to market to people who support or donate to charitable causes. From there, you’ll be able to break down your targeting further by selecting the category of the cause and sub-category.

Target Mobile Phone Users

If your product or service pertains to smartphones or tablets, ideally using Apple or Android systems, you should be targeting mobile users. Under the Behaviors heading, you can target people based on the device they use to log into their Facebook account.

As people are incredibly loyal to their phone brands, if you serve only Apple or Android, you’ll want to exclude users of the other option from this campaign altogether. This exclusion will keep you from wasting money promoting Facebook ads to people who are statistically extremely unlikely to buy your product.

Facebook ads can give your business a mind-blowing boost, but you should be specific in targeting consumers to get the most from your efforts. You’ll want to run multiple campaigns, each targeted to a slightly different fraction of your ideal consumer. You can use endless combinations to reach your audience, so don’t be afraid of going too narrow in your focus.

When done correctly, Facebook ads can be a highly lucrative form of marketing. However, if the idea of managing your social media marketing campaign is something you would prefer to leave to professionals, let us help! Send us an email today and our team at GooRooz will create an ad campaign that your perfect customers will see!


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