8 Advantages of a Well-Crafted Social Media Campaign

8 Advantages of a Well-Crafted Social Media Campaign

8 Advantages of a Well-Crafted Social Media Campaign

Not many people love to do preliminary research, but the advantages of understanding your target audience and what platforms it uses and why make it more than worthwhile in a well-made social media campaign.

8 Advantages of a Well-Crafted Social Media Campaign

1. You’ll Get More Traffic & Sales

When you put in not only the effort, but the strategic and careful research, planning, and preparation to launch a top-notch campaign on social media, you can easily get increased traffic that leads to sales. The reason is you’ve targeted those likely to buy your products, those who need and/or want exactly what you’re selling. Such qualified online traffic is where sales are most likely to occur.

Knowing the age, gender, interests, and income of the people most likely to purchase your product or service, in as much detail as you can, is going to pinpoint your social marketing right where it needs to be. You won’t waste time trying to capture your target buyers on social media platforms where they aren’t likely to be.

2. You’ll Get the Best Possible ROI Results

Because you prepared a well-executed social plan based on your target demographics, the time you spent and the costs you incurred are going to pay off in the maximum return on investment (ROI) for your campaign. You’ll avoid the mistake of trying to attract middle-aged buyers on Instagram or teens on LinkedIn. A knowledge of each social platform, who uses it, and why is so valuable it could be thought of as marketing gold.

Starting with who your target customer is and what their interests on different social media platforms are can help you craft laser-focused campaigns that will stop your targets in their tracks. You need their attention before any purchases can happen on their part, after all.

3. You’ll Build a Relationship With Your Target 

A quality social campaign is about a lot more than just getting your target audience to notice you on their favorite social platform though. You have to give them a reason to stick around. You have to give them value.

This value that they want could be helpful tips. It might be a free e-book with a title that grabs them by the emotions and won’t let go. Another important tool for establishing a relationship with your targeted customer base is to include face-to-face videos that speak to them in a trustful, authoritative tone that captivates them.

4. You’ll Soar Above Your Competition

Your well-made social campaign needs to be sure to address the things your competition is neglecting to effectively reach potential customers. Filling in these gaps with your brand message as the solution is going to give you a strong competitive advantage. Your research should tell you what images and videos your target wants to see, what tips, tricks, and musings relating to your product or service will help them focus on you, not your competitors.

By concentrating on their experience, you may decide that something like a contest can both set you apart from competing brands and further engage your target consumers. Above all, regular social positing is crucial to keep you in the minds of your targets.

5. You’ll Have Strong Campaign Measurement Analytics

A reliable media campaign organized by each social platform you use will allow you to precisely measure how effective your efforts were. You’ll have analytics and data on how many followers, commenters, and clickers your campaign generated. This is of course valuable info to have going forward into your next campaigns to further increase your ROI.

You’ll know which social media platforms should be used for the majority of your content marketing. If you find you need several platforms, you may want to consider cross-channel analytical measurement tools.

6. You’ll Strengthen Your Brand Voice & Image

A dependable social media strategy means you don’t ever use a one size fits all approach. If your target uses both Twitter and Instagram for example, then it’s up to you how to strategize the unique features of each platform to best showcase your brand. Remember that with all the noise and so much going on in social media arenas, you have to focus on how best your targets will listen to your brand voice.

When your brand voice gets heard, you can then attract potential buyers to your image. Your image has to reach out to them as values and interests they embrace, that they seek out. And speaking of images, it’s not a surprise that the images you choose along with your words can catch their attention and keep their interest in your social offerings on any platform.

7. You’ll Find Your Target Customers

There’s truth in the old saying “birds of a feather gather together” so using the right social platforms to match the needs and wants of your desired demographic can get you a flock of new customers! And as some begin to leave comments, that’s going to inspire more to do so, which of course adds to your brand awareness.

This awareness is going to then create more people being connected to your brand, to your actual products and services. Give them constant fresh content and keep them with you by including humor or a play on words. This type of social media contact not only inspires shares but more importantly helps create a deeper connection between you and your desired customer base.

8. You’ll Instill Trust in Your Targets

The connection to your target audience through fresh content, advice, tips, face-to-face videos, and original, humorous takes on topics of interest leads to trust. Trust in your brand by your desired consumers is the greatest advantage you could hope for in your social campaigns. Before you can ever have brand loyalty, you have to have trust.

When you know your desired consumers, along with their favorite social media platforms, and what they want to see there, you’ve got a goldmine for applying your well-crafted campaign. You can get your target consumer’s trust and their business!

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