7 Big Surprising Benefits of Bing PPC

7 Big Surprising Benefits of Bing PPC

7 Big Surprising Benefits of Bing PPC

Online advertising is a diverse field that is always evolving as new tools become available to marketers. The rise in popularity of search engines has made pay per click advertising, otherwise known as PPC, one of the dominant marketing mediums. While Google may be the best-known search engine for advertisers, the big benefits of Bing PPC, it offers a range of different advantages that savvy marketers need to consider.

Diversifying your advertising across multiple different platforms is essential for success in the competitive modern market. Here are some of the biggest benefits your business stands to gain by utilizing Bing in their advertising campaigns.

7 Big Surprising Benefits of Bing PPC

1. Better Value for Your Money

All businesses are looking for a return on the money that they spend on advertising campaigns. Since running an advertising campaign is an investment, weighing the cost that you put into setting up the campaign against the income the business it generates brings for you is an essential calculation.

Bing ads offer a lower price per click than many other platforms, allowing you to start a campaign for a lower initial investment. That lower cost helps every dollar you spend in your advertising budget go a little bit further, letting you reach a large audience for a lower price. Since any business can benefit from cutting costs wherever possible, this advantage of using Bing can be greatly beneficial to your bottom line.

2. Reach a Different Demographic

Advertising is all about reaching new audiences and audiences that your product or service truly resonates with. Different search engines are used by different kinds of people. Broadening your advertising across different platforms helps you to reach a wider audience to get your brand’s message out to the largest number of people possible.

Users of Bing tend to be older than users of other search engines. They also tend towards a higher median income. If your business’ offerings are tailored towards older or higher-income individuals, you can especially benefit from advertising on this platform. Even businesses with other target demographics can benefit from diversifying the audience they are marketing to by adding Bing ads to their campaign.

3. Different Types of Ads

One major advantage of using Bing PPC ads is the level of customizability that marketers get to take advantage of on this platform. No two advertising campaigns are the same, with different strategies working for each one. Bing addresses this by providing a variety of different types of ads for you to use.

For example, dynamic search ads through Bing automatically generate based on the content present on your business’ website. Meanwhile, product ads appear with clickable links to make a purchase right from the search results page. By taking advantage of the variety of different advertising available through Bing, you can create a campaign that is tailor-made to the type of message you want your brand to send.

4. Less Competition to Deal With

For many years, Google has dominated the search engine industry. This makes it a great place to advertise your business, but it also means that the field for advertising on Google is crowded and competitive. There’s a good chance your ad will be lost among the thousands of ads for similar services hosted on the platform.

Bing offers a way to set yourself apart from the pack by showing your business off on a different platform. Less competition for attention on the platform means there’s a greater chance of users engaging with your advertisements. That makes for an easy way to rise above the noise of online advertising and set your business apart so that customers easily remember your brand and message.

5. Greater Control Over Ads

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in advertising. Marketing teams work day and night to find the perfect ways to fine-tune their advertisements to maximize results. Reaching the right audiences in the right contexts is just as important as having the right content in your advertisements if you want to send a message that resonates with potential customers online.

Bing gives you the tools that you need to customize your advertising campaign in order to achieve optimal results. For example, you can plan your campaign around the time zones that you’ll be reaching to ensure your ads run at a time of maximum traffic. You will also have greater control over search partner advertising, giving you more control as to where your advertisements appear on the internet.

6. Easy Integration with Social Media

Social media has revolutionized many different aspects of modern life, and advertising hasn’t been unaffected by these sweeping changes. In fact, more customers than ever before are turning to platforms like Facebook as the first place they look when searching for a company to do business with. Advertisers need to engage with customers on these platforms if they want their message to be successful.

Bing has been ahead of the game on this front for many years. Integration with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more allows you to deliver users a consistent experience across multiple different platforms. Considering Google focuses more on integration with its Google+ platform, which hasn’t yet seen widespread adaptation by online users, this aspect gives Bing an undeniable edge that is worth making use of.

7. More Flexible Searches

One interesting feature that Bing uses to make it easier for customers to find you is their ‘close variant’ search option. This allows for slight variation in the search terms used to find your business, such as grammatical changes, spelling errors, or pluralization. Customers will still be able to find your page with these variations, giving you a greater chance of showing up on their search and gaining their business.

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