The Top 10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working (and How to Fix Them)

The Top 10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working

The Top 10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working (and How to Fix Them)

Social media is an incredible way for companies of all sizes to connect with their customers and grow their businesses – but only if skillfully executed. If you’re struggling with running a successful social media marketing campaign, you’re not alone! Let’s look at the ten most common reasons why your social media efforts may be floundering – and how you can fix them!

The Top 10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working (And How to Fix Them)
1. You’re Targeting the Wrong Audience

If you want more sales from your campaign, it’s imperative your posts reach out to the right people. Many smaller companies will try to promote to their friends and family, but the truth is, they are seldom your brand’s target demographic. Instead, your social media campaign should zero in on people who are interested in your product or service.

To achieve this, get clear on your ideal customer’s persona. Who are they? What’s their age, gender, and income? Where do they live, and what are their interests? Get specific as you can. Then, use the social media platform’s native audience tools to target that specific persona with ads.

2. Your Posts Aren’t Engaging Enough

If you want people to engage with your posts, you need to provide them with content they actually want to consume. This could be a link to a helpful tutorial on how they can use your product, a fun challenge or contest related to their interests, or an eye-grabbing video.

Your brand’s voice in these posts is also essential – write like a human, not a robot! Don’t be afraid to use playfulness or humor and encourage your audience to comment.

3. You’re Not Providing Enough Value

If all you ever post on social media is ads and offers, you’re missing out on an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with your audience. First, you need to get people familiar and comfortable with your brand, which means you should post content that has value for them.  

Maybe it’s a helpful hack related to your product or a link to a free e-book. Providing value in this way cultivates the “know, like, trust” factor that begins a person’s journey from being a cold lead to a paying customer.

4. You’re Images Aren’t Captivating

The images you use on social platforms are crucial to success, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Images are the first thing prospects see when they load up their social media profile and can make or break whether or not you get engagement.

Take a look at some of your images and ask yourself if they’re worth stopping to look at. Make sure that the image matches the post’s content, that it’s eye-catching and immediately indicative of what the post is about. If you don’t have a great eye for design, consider using a tool like Canva, which has templates that help you create beautiful social media posts with ease.

5. You’re Not Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your posts in front of more people, especially on Twitter and Instagram. However, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right ones for your campaign. Using the most popular hashtags isn’t always the best idea because your content will get lost in an endless stream of posts.

If you’re not getting many comments or likes, you probably need to use a different hashtag. The best way to choose hashtags for your posts is to look at other posts similar to yours and find the hashtags with the highest engagement levels. 

6. You Don’t Understand the Platform’s Algorithm  

Understanding how different social media sites work is extremely important if you’re using them for your marketing campaign. Once you know the platform’s rules, you can use them to leverage your content and reach more people.

For example, Facebook has an algorithm that ranks posts based on their engagement levels which means that companies with high engagement rates will show up higher in the news feed than companies with low engagement rates. On Instagram, metrics like recency, interaction history, and post popularity all play a role in how great a reach your content will have. Do your homework on each platform so you have the best chance at reaching the most people. 

7. You’re Not Taking Advantage of Live Video

One of the most powerful ways to use social media for your marketing campaign is to do live videos on Facebook and Instagram. This feature helps you connect with people by putting a face-to-face spin on your marketing campaign and personalizes your brand, making it easier to generate leads.

8. You’re Not Posting Enough

The number one reason why so many marketing campaigns fail is that people aren’t consistent enough with their posting schedule. Make sure that you’re posting regularly or even several times a day if your budget allows for it because this will help you reach more people and build up a following.

9. You’re Not Using Paid Ads

When implemented properly, paid ads are a great way to promote your company. They allow you to target those who are already interested in what you do and are most likely to become a customer. Paid ads can also help you reach a bigger audience than organic posts, allowing you to achieve more mileage from your marketing budget.

10. You’re Not Diversifying

Make sure that you’re posting on multiple social platforms because each one has different advantages and communities. For example, posting on Instagram may generate more engagement than Facebook, but Facebook could be an easier way to reach a larger audience. Make sure that you’re using all the options at your disposal to reach the maximum amount of people and get your campaign off to a great start.

Avoid these ten pitfalls, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the massive potential that social media sites have for growing your business. We’re here to help. Get in touch with us at GooRooz today and we’ll help you execute the social strategy that most effectively promotes your brand!

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