8 Benefits of Getting Google PPC Ad Management

8 Benefits of Getting Google PPC Ad Management

8 Benefits of Getting Google PPC Ad Management

For any e-commerce business, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extremely cost-effective, efficient way to grow your leads and sales. Without proper guidance and strategy, however, Google ads take a great deal of time and money to master. Read on to learn how proper ad management can ensure you hit your Google PPC goals more easily, cheaply, and in a fraction of the time.

1. More Efficient Use of Your Budget PPC Ad Management is Budget Friendly

For PPC advertising on Google, there are several ways in which an experienced ad manager can save their clients money, providing more bang for each advertising buck. Effective PPC advertising requires a great deal of careful testing and measuring, with strict limits on each campaign to make sure there’s no daily overspend.

E-commerce business owners acting alone often pour too much of their limited budget into ineffective campaigns. Without the necessary experience, it can be difficult to know how to test multiple campaigns properly in order to double down on those which are profitable and pause or tweak those which aren’t.

2. Skillful Measurement of Your KPIs

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Knowing and monitoring your key performance indicators (KPIs) is a crucial part of any PPC campaign. These KPIs include advert impressions, clicks, page visits, sign-ups, sales, and more. An ad manager can set up a robust KPI measurement system for you. They’ll also understand these KPI metrics at a glance, and identify exactly where an advert, ad group, or campaign needs to be paused, adjusted, or expanded.

Every such tweak means a marginal increase in your advertising return on investment (ROI). Your PPC manager can also target your ads for specific audiences, at certain optimal times of the day, in certain geographical regions, even for particular devices, and then set up KPIs for each one. This kind of fine-tuned targeting and measuring serves to boost your ROI but can be difficult for those brand new to PPC.

3. Google PPC Ad Management Provides Quicker Results

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Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a marathon, requiring a great deal of time and patience. PPC, on the other hand, is a sprint. The beauty of PPC is how quickly you can drive highly targeted traffic to your business and landing pages. When done well, PPC gives you immediate feedback, which you can use to improve your campaigns and start seeing rapid results.

Without an experienced Google ads manager there for guidance, however, many small businesses make basic errors, tear through their budget too quickly, become frustrated, and throw in the towel too soon. It’s important to get those early wins and sales in fast, to boost your morale. This is why a helping hand in those first few months is an absolute necessity.

4. Better In-Depth Keyword Research

Something most business owners don’t realize is how to find and target the right keywords to bid on. But the keywords you choose to target will make or break your campaign. In-depth keyword research is a vital skill for effective Google advertising. It’s a skill that ad managers take years to develop, involving many complex tools and techniques.

For starters, you need to understand the search intent of each keyword. You should determine if it’s a buying keyword, a pre-purchase research keyword, or merely an information-seeking keyword.

Don’t Follow the Herd

You should also know how to search off the beaten track, so to speak. Most small business owners who do their own research end up targeting the same keywords as everyone else, which is by far the most costly way to go about PPC. An experienced ad manager, on the other hand, will quickly help you uncover rare gems of keywords to bid on, such as under-served long-tail keywords, saving you a great deal of time and expenditure.

5. Thorough Competition Analysis

PPC Ad Management has competitive and thorough analysis

Another essential part of a successful PPC campaign is competition analysis. With the right tools and methods, you can garner invaluable insights from your competitors. You can identify which keywords they’re going after, which keywords they’re missing, how much they’re bidding, what advert design and copy is working for them, and more.

With all this information, you can know with a good deal of certainty how to beat them. Without it, you’re running blind. Once again, an experienced ad manager knows how to carry out this competition analysis far more rapidly than someone new to the game.

6. Knowledge of Google’s Latest Policy Updates

Google makes frequent updates to its algorithms, some of which have an impact on what works and doesn’t work in PPC. One example of this might be changes to the Adwords Quality Score, which determines the cost of your campaigns and depends on various factors, including your click-through rates and the quality of your landing pages.

A good ad manager has their finger on the pulse of all updates and can use this knowledge to optimize your campaigns. They can even give you guidance on how to improve your website and landing pages to appeal to customers and Google’s PPC algorithm alike.

7. Better Brand Recognition

Allows better brand recognition

An often-overlooked benefit of PPC is the brand recognition that comes about as a result of all the impressions your adverts receive. This means how many people see your advert but don’t click on it. Those individuals are still being exposed to your brand repeatedly, which has a lot of long-term value. A good ad manager is aware of this and can offer advice on the appearance of your adverts to bolster this factor.

8. Ease of Mind

The fact is that PPC advertising can be a little stressful and lonely for newbies, especially if you don’t see results quickly. As a business owner, you might prefer to focus on aspects of running your company that you most enjoy. An ad management company can take the worry of PPC off your shoulders.

Wrapping it up

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